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Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly do I have to pay back my loan?

Loans are paid in monthly installments.
For example, a $220.00 loan would be Five (5) payments of $54.80.

What if I do not have good credit, can I still get a loan?

Horizon Finance offers credit building loans to
assist you in re-establishing your credit.

What information is needed for a loan approval?

The requirements for personal loan approval are:

* Applicant must have a minimum of six months current employment.

* Applicant must have a minimum of six months current residency.

* Applicant must be receiving verifiable income.
This includes social security, disability and pensions.

What is required to apply for a personal loan?

The requirements for a personal loan are:

* Valid picture ID * Social Security Card

* Proof of income, i.e. a current paycheck stub

* Two current utility bills, i.e. phone, electric, gas, etc.

Can I receive additional money with my current loan?

Once you established your payment
history we can increase your loan amount.

Does Horizon Finance report to a credit bureau?

We report to the credit bureau once
a month helping you build your credit.